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Don Wobber ' s passing:

    It is with a sense of personal sadness that I announce the passing of Don Wobber! In the North American Jade culture Don was a real giant! He was a Jade diver who found some of the largest and finest  boulders of Big Sur Jade ever recovered, see his book "Jade Beneath The Sea". His passion for the stone was not satisfied with the hunt or the discovery of Jade , he just loved the stone. If you ever visited Don it did not take long to realize this! As Don would guide a guest through his outdoor Jade displays or his workshop,  he would touch many of the stones  and sometimes you would notice his touch becoming a caress, something personal and almost affectionate. If Don was working on a particular piece he would point out what he was aiming for in his work but also the color or form that first drew him to the stone. As he talked about the stone you could see the passion and the twinkle in his smiling eyes. I had the honor to dive with Don, we were  neighbors at the "Jade Fest" in Big Sur. It was Don who  tutored me on some of my first carvings, but I will always remember the affection as he touched the stone and the twinkle in those smiling eyes. The Jade world will miss you Don!

                                                          Cheers, Mike Burkleo



Email address change

Please be aware that the email coffee426432@sbcglobal is no longer in use to reach Mike and Joan Burkleo editors of Friends of Jade. Please contact us at Thank you


Amazing video series on Jade

Here is a link for an amazing video series on Jade. I enjoyed it and learned something new about Jade. 




The Pacific Ocean looking out over Sand Dollar beach.