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I've been collecting jade and other precious stone carvings from Asia for about 3 years now, mostly importing them directly from China and other parts of Asia through Ebay. I have a few hundred pieces in my collection now, and I was just wondering if anyone can direct me to any other jade collectors or dealers in Texas? I live in Fort Worth, but I'm interested to know about anyone else in the state who shares my passion for the finer things in life from this part of the world. Of course I'm aware of the Crowe collection in Dallas, and I love to visit it often, but I'm sure there are many other impressive collections like mine hidden throughought the rest of Texas. I've also heard stories of a wealthy collector who for mysterious reasons dumped his entire jade collection in Lake Worth many years ago, but I know little more than that about other collections in my area, aside from my own, and I wish that we had a jade festival here! The best I've been able to do any collecting locally has been at the many annual Asian festivals in DFW, and the few annual gem and mineral society sales that I'm aware of throughout the state. I've actually been collecting other stone carvings through these events for about 25 years now, which have been mostly tigers and other cats. So I also have a much larger collection in storage in Houston that also includes a few jade pieces and many other gem and mineral specimens. I have at least one of every major precious or semiprecious stone known to man in its natural state, as well as an unmounted cut deep indigo sapphire that's so dark it looks like black onyx. Even when you hold it up to a bright light, it's difficult to tell that it's actually a very deep shade of blue and not black. I'm unsure of its size and weight, but it's oval cut and large enough to be worn as a pendant, ring, or earring, if mounted. So I know alot about stones and metals, and I'm aware that a few of the carvings in my jade collection aren't jadeite or nephrite, and some of them are actually just reproductions of famous artifacts and not original works. However, I don't consider myself to be a jade expert, I'm just an enthusiast and collector of many things, with a primary interest in fine Asian art and culture, so my home is somewhat of a makeshift Jade Emperor's palace and Buddist temple of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, but a Feng Shui master would probably be appalled at how many mistakes I've made in arranging! So perhaps that's what led me here looking for more answers and insight into Chinese Wisdom. I seem to have a natural flair for the rare and being in the right place at the right time, but not always with the right amount of money or piece to trade for something more desirable in life! So, Friends of Jade, here I am, sitting all alone on top of a little jade mountain, deep in the heart of Texas, pondering life's many mysteries of fate and fortune, in my quest for enlightenment!
March 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMonroe