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Hello to all from sunny Florida.
I have been carving as a hobby for many years and read everything I could find online about how to carve jade. I have Deborah Wilson's DVD and a few books that were helpful.

I have had some success carving jade. Currently, my carving skill is close to "good" but I need to learn more and I am horribly stuck on a few carvings.
I have been searching to take a class or learn from another carver.
Apparently, I live in the wrong place. Florida is great, but no Jade carvers that I can find. I've found lot's of resources on the west coast, New Zealand or China, but I am very far away from all of them.

If anyone has any ideas (other than taking an expensive plane trip) please let me know.

I am eager to take my carving to next level, any carvers vacation near West Palm Beach?
September 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Ward